Estructuras, S.A. began as a dream of its founder, engineer William Muñoz Bustos, on 18th August 1972 in San Jose, Costa Rica. His initial idea was to create a business that could compete effectively with companies of the time and to one day become a leader in the field of construction.

Located in the province of Cartago, family operated and completely centralized, today, 50 years later, Estructuras, S.A. is one of the five largest and most important companies dedicated to construction in Costa Rica. It has built over 1,000,000 square meters, it has more than 550 employees among field workers, engineers and administrative staff and annual sales of around 40 million dollars.

Among its most representative developments are public buildings such as banks, research centers, libraries, laboratories and hospitals, as well as privately financed projects such as shopping centers, housing solutions and major real estate developments.

One aspect worth mentioning that brings pride to the owners is the fact that over the years, besides having contributed directly and significantly to the development of the infrastructure of Costa Rica, the company has managed to train and prepare thousands of professionals in one way or another and thus contributing to the human development of the nation.

Today, the company applies state of the art technology that allows them to budget, build and control their projects with a high degree of efficiency and quality, while keeping them competitive in the local market.


«To build high quality edifices through the use of new technologies, applying cutting-edge building models and with a committed, capable and responsible team.»


«To be the leading construction company in Costa Rica, being the best choice for customers, employees and contractors.»

Building the future of Costa Rica since 1972!

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